The Humans by Matt Haig

Genre: Science-fiction Originally Published: 2014 No. of Pages: 320 Matt Haig’s The Humans is an unexpected tale on the complicated human nature and what matters most in life. Written in Haig’s familiar and accessible prose, The Humans is an addictive novel that will keep you guessing and stay with you for a long time after.  The premise of theContinue reading “The Humans by Matt Haig”

A Little History of Philosophy by Nigel Warburton

Genre: Non-fiction Originally Published: 2011 No. of Pages: 288 I have always had an interest in philosophy, but it is one of those vast and intricate topics of academia whereby I had no idea where to start. Is there a beginning? Must you start there? After searching for weeks online, in bookstores and charity shops,Continue reading “A Little History of Philosophy by Nigel Warburton”

Alonement: How to be alone and absolutely own it by Francesca Specter

Genre: Self-help Originally Published: 2021 No. of Pages: 320 Spending time alone is something which comes easy for some, but which others may dread and go to drastic lengths to avoid at all costs. The latter was very much how Francesca Specter felt, before she discovered the benefits, joy, and peace that evolved from sittingContinue reading “Alonement: How to be alone and absolutely own it by Francesca Specter”

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Genre: Romance, literary realism Originally Published: 1878 No. of Pages: 848 A couple of weeks ago I finally finished Anna Karenina! Wow, what a journey… After some thinking, I believe I cannot confine my thoughts into a book review for such a dense, intricate and multifaceted work of literature. I also do not feel thatContinue reading “Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy”

The Silkworm Keeper by Deborah Swift

Genre: Historical fiction Published: 2021 No. of Pages: 414 The Italian proverb ‘Old sins have long shadows’ is tactfully used at the beginning of Deborah Swift’s sequel The Silkworm Keeper. Where Swift’s first book in the series, The Poison Keeper, exhibits the nefarious activities of poisoner Giuila Tofana, the sequel sees Giuila wholly transformed as a nun, atoning forContinue reading “The Silkworm Keeper by Deborah Swift”

The Poison Keeper by Deborah Swift

Genre: Historical fiction Published: 2021 No. of Pages: 410 Throughout history, many lives have been taken by the invisible hands of lethal poison. While many may think poisonous administration was performed at random, Deborah Swift exhibits that it was indeed a career – a clandestine and dangerous one too. In her latest novel The Poison Keeper,Continue reading “The Poison Keeper by Deborah Swift”