A Little History of Philosophy by Nigel Warburton

Genre: Non-fiction

Originally Published: 2011

No. of Pages: 288

I have always had an interest in philosophy, but it is one of those vast and intricate topics of academia whereby I had no idea where to start. Is there a beginning? Must you start there? After searching for weeks online, in bookstores and charity shops, and to no avail, I eventually stumbled across a book when browsing the gift section of the British Museum. Nigel Warburton’s A Little History of Philosophy looked like a great place to start.

Warburton’s book spotlights the most renowned and impactful philosophers, dividing them into extremely digestible chapters. Each chapter gives a short biographical and historical background, and then focuses on the philosopher’s key concepts and ideologies, with Warburton breaking it down slowly whilst also maintaining the appropriate lexicon.  

A Little History of Philosophy covers some of philosophy’s biggest questions, such as the nature of reality, how we should live and the structure of society. Spanning from circa 470BC with Socrates through to modern day philosopher Peter Singer, this book offers an insightful and comprehensive timeline of philosophy’s evolution. It is indeed interesting to witness how later philosophers’ ideas have developed and moulded, all derived from the same foundation – from Socrates’, Aristotle’s and Plato’s thinking, as Warburton ends each chapter with a neat sentence or two, linking to the next philosopher.

I highly recommend A Little History of Philosophy – it appeals to all ages, whether you are completely new to philosophy or would like to consolidate your current knowledge. This book fits all and it will certainly leave you deep in thought and reflection. 

Purchase here on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Little-History-Philosophy-Histories/dp/0300187793

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