The Lifeline by Deborah Swift

Genre: Historical fiction Published: 2021 No. of Pages: 324 Following her two previous wartime saga’s, Past Encounters and The Occupation, historical novelist Deborah Swift has created another striking and impressive World War II account in her latest novel The Lifeline. Swift navigates a story of threatened romance, political upheaval, and the tyranny of war. Told from an intriguing, andContinue reading “The Lifeline by Deborah Swift”

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Genre: Self-help Published: 2018 No. of Pages: 280 In perfect time for the New Year, where I’m sure we all hope 2021 will deliver positivity, abundance, good health and prosperity, I decided to read James Clear’s international bestseller self-help book Atomic Habits. With the onset of a fresh start, I sought to implement new habits intoContinue reading “Atomic Habits by James Clear”

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Genre: Science fiction, fantasy fiction Published: 2020 No. of Pages: 295 As you know, 2020 has been a crazy, unpredictable, and chaotic year. A lot of challenges have been thrown our way and we have been dealing as best we can. However, sometimes it would be nice to escape from those unfamiliar moments for aContinue reading “The Midnight Library by Matt Haig”

Jerusalem: Kingdom Of Heaven by Richard Foreman

Genre: Historical fiction Published: 2020 No. of Pages: 144 Best-selling novelist Richard Foreman once again delivers a thrilling retelling of history in Jerusalem: Kingdom of Heaven – the final instalment to his epic series The First Crusade. Foreman presents Jerusalem as a heavenly kingdom – a city in which the English crusaders are in desperate pursuit of, and which,Continue reading “Jerusalem: Kingdom Of Heaven by Richard Foreman”

Beware Of Greeks by Peter Tonkin

Genre: Historical fiction Published: 2020 No. of Pages: 177 A riveting and gruesome read, Beware of Greeks is an instant success as the first book in Tonkin’s new series The Trojan Murders. Inspired by Homer’s epic poem, the Iliad, and fused with ancient Greek myths, Beware of Greeks follows Odysseus, and his newly acquired rhapsode apprentice, on a mission to recruit AchillesContinue reading “Beware Of Greeks by Peter Tonkin”

A Gift Of Love by Martin Luther King Jr.

Genre: Sermons Published: 1969 No. of Pages: 190 A Gift of Love is indeed one of King’s many gifts given to us. It is a collection of sixteen of his classic sermons preached, with two new speeches, and many of which he began compiling whilst in jail. King imparts his profound wisdom and knowledge with theContinue reading “A Gift Of Love by Martin Luther King Jr.”