My frequent visitor greets me.Sometimes I know when she is comingOther times it is a spontaneous arrival;Either way, I eagerly wait.Often my stationary existence is spentReflecting on the opposite wall;A hypnotic mix or black, white, and greyLike thousands of marbles have splatteredAnd claimed their space of permanence,Only tarnished by the flitting shadowsThat enter through theContinue reading “Distorted”

Ode to Angelou’s Bird

The caged bird singsDenied an existence beyond the barsUntouched by the sky with its dormant wingsInflicted with invisible permanent scarsMusic is its only strength. Notes of cadence and pure delicacyWeave through a network of knotted treesFlowers dance to the enchanted melodyEchoing past clouds aided by the breezeIt sings like no other. But it is notContinue reading “Ode to Angelou’s Bird”

My Family Tree

You stand tall with your branches wideSupporting lifeMother Nature, like all mothers, How admirable you are. Your thousands of leavesAre the thousand memories I treasure with my family,Always growing new onesAnd dropping bad ones. Your rich green summer huesRemind me of the laughters we shareOver the silly dinner table jokesAnd clumsy skiing stories. Your earthyContinue reading “My Family Tree”


A human concept A clock, a watch, apple-watchTick tockIt continues. Passing silently by, We go about our daily lives.Time sitsMundanely but its got us racingQuick! Don’t miss that train, planeOh away! Away it goes. Alarm sounds, sun sets and rises,Drop the kids off at schoolThen head to that meetingOh how time is just so fleeting!Continue reading “Time”