Collective Changes

The streets are empty the roads are sparse
Public places are banned, it seems like a farce?

Panic buying from grocery stores
People wanting more and more
Emptying the contents of vessels that feed the nation
This isn’t a show or a story on the radio station.

Time passes and a new reality resonates
A path carved by God changing everybody’s fates.

Confined to the borders of your home
Secluded from neighbours and forbidden to roam
Like prisoners arrested in a single cell
No one can hear you scream, shout, or yell.

It takes a toll on your mental health
Anchors drag and drag, reducing your stealth.

To find comfort in technology
Is simply the way, quite honestly,
Contacting your mother, a lover, a friend only by a call
Makes all physical contact seem so lethal.

Overflowing mediums that regenerate the sick
Healthcare failing under the pressure of the clock’s tick.

This is serious the government weren’t lying
To remain inside because people are dying,
Moulding to an existence temporarily (or permanently?) slowed
We flip the switch to survival mode.

Aired on BBC Essex Radio, April 2020.

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