A human concept
A clock, a watch, apple-watch
Tick tock
It continues.

Passing silently by,
We go about our daily lives.
Time sits
Mundanely but its got us racing
Quick! Don’t miss that train, plane
Oh away! Away it goes.

Alarm sounds, sun sets and rises,
Drop the kids off at school
Then head to that meeting
Oh how time is just so fleeting!

Stop. Catch a breath.
Make a tea and have some rest.
Watch the clock tick tock.

Twenty-four hours in a day
Conscious to spend it in the right way.
We fear time is running out
Though in reality
We are delusional since after all
Time is just a human concept.

Published in The Gentian https://thegentian.files.wordpress.com/2019/01/the-gentian-issue-2-time.pdf

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